When To Use Quotation Marks In Fiction

Of all of the punctuation available to writers in fiction, there’s really only one I’m on the fence about. Quotation marks. That’s pretty much it. I like the period, question mark, comma (in moderation), and a limited use of the exclamation mark. I like the apostrophe, I dig both the possessive and a really goodContinue reading “When To Use Quotation Marks In Fiction”

Formatting Dialogue

One of the blogs I follow is Read To Write Stories, by Michael Noll. It’s a blog dedicated to delivering ideas about how to write, and offering writing prompts and exercises to get the creative juices flowing. Today’s post was all about dialogue, and how to make dialogue in your fiction move faster. As anContinue reading “Formatting Dialogue”

Versioning Your Ebooks

While reading a Robert B Parker ebook last year, I noticed this in the front matter: “V3.0_r2”. To my systems eye, this means version 3, release 2. It struck me as a little odd to have a version/release number at first. But then I thought of it like a printing history rather than something moreContinue reading “Versioning Your Ebooks”