May 22 Photo

Today was the annual ballet gala for my daughter’s ballet school. Normally any picture I would take using an iPhone in a darkened theater would come out as a blackened mess. But one number featured the dancers backlit by the white backdrop, making them little more than silhouettes. It made for a pretty awesome shot. 

Apr 9 Photo

   I fell asleep last night before I could post my daily photo, so today you get two. The first is from the parent observation day at my daughter’s ballet class. This is not the room they normally have class in, this one is the bigger one, and therefore has enough space for ballerinas andContinue reading “Apr 9 Photo”

Mar 19 Photo

   I’ve sat in this hallway at least a hundred times. It’s where parents squat while waiting for their kids to be finished with ballet class. Today, between classes, waiting to pick my daughter up, I snapped off a quick photo. Normally it’s just an ordinary hallway. But with a light out at one endContinue reading “Mar 19 Photo”