Dec 31 Photo

And with a final shot of the view from our old home, thus ends this year of photos. It’s been an interesting year in many ways. There’s been a new dog and a new house, among other changes. As far as photos go, it started off strong with a picture per day. Somewhere in theContinue reading “Dec 31 Photo”

Nov 6 Photo

Architecture shot from the University of Maryland, College Park. I had the opportunity to return to Maryland for a quick trip this weekend and walked around the campus, albeit briefly. I had forgotten how much brick is used in all of the architecture there.

May 22 Photo

Today was the annual ballet gala for my daughter’s ballet school. Normally any picture I would take using an iPhone in a darkened theater would come out as a blackened mess. But one number featured the dancers backlit by the white backdrop, making them little more than silhouettes. It made for a pretty awesome shot. 

May 6 Photo

Calm before the storm.  There was a talent show tonight at the elementary school. This is a black and white view of the chairs before the parents invaded. The black and white made this picture much more dramatic than the setting really was, but I really do like the sinister dramatic effect or creates.