Feb 2 Photo

   Last fall I took a drawing class at the Worcester Art Museum. It was great, though tiring at times, given that it was three hours on Monday nights. One of the lessons was dedicated to perspective, which might have been my favorite.  Since then, I’ve been conscious of seeing perspectives when I take pictures. Continue reading “Feb 2 Photo”

Jan 25 Photo

   Sometime a quick shot grabs my eye. This is the set of mailboxes for the condo complex where I live. I had just picked up the mail, it was evening, I was on my way home from work, and the light for the mailboxes against the evening darkness struck me. There was just somethingContinue reading “Jan 25 Photo”

Jan 16 Photo

   I’ve lived in New England now for about 18 years. The last few winters have been exceedingly snowy. I can say pretty much that I’m no longer a big fan of the white stuff. This winter we haven’t had much yet. But the snow didn’t really start last winter until late January, so I’mContinue reading “Jan 16 Photo”

Jan 12 Photo

   Today’s photo was a tough choice. I had another picture I took this morning that I wanted to post, but, in honor of the first real snowfall in the Northeast tonight, I though this one would be a better fit. It’s kind of a blurry mess, as night photography with an iPhone is aContinue reading “Jan 12 Photo”

Jan 8 Photo, with Accompanying Soapbox

I took this one while once again playing around with the macro lens. It caused me some problems at first because I couldn’t get enough light at the bottom of the picture. My phone kept throwing an unwanted shadow across the penny. Then it occurred to me that this might make for an interesting black and whiteContinue reading “Jan 8 Photo, with Accompanying Soapbox”