May 11 Photo

Two Christmases ago, my older daughter asked for this camera. Its a digital Polaroid and it does in fact print out pictures. She hasn’t used it in a while, so I decided to take it and take some pics with it. It’s a fun little camera. More I just need to get some more photoContinue reading “May 11 Photo”

Feb 1 Photo

   Believe it or not, we have a volleyball court at work. It’s right next to the basketball court. It’s been there since we moved into the building, a holdover I assume from the previous tenants. We’ve been in this building for two and a half years, and I walk at lunch most days toContinue reading “Feb 1 Photo”

Jan 28 Photo

   The day before was sunrise. Yesterday was midday clouds. Today is sunset. Tomorrow I’ll focus on something else other than pictures of the sky, I promise. But the sunset was too beautiful not to capture and share tonight.  Captured with Camera+, cropped in Snapseed, and given the HDR filter in Snapseed, which really makesContinue reading “Jan 28 Photo”