Jan 30 Photo

  I’m still playing around with the new lens kit from Ztylus. This is a shot with the wide angle lens, taken at the new music hall at the Joy of Music Program (JOMP) in Worcester. The new music hall is absolutely beautiful and the sound is great. The lens is also nice, providing a muchContinue reading “Jan 30 Photo”

Jan 20 Photo

I’m still getting the hang of using clip-on lens for my iPhone. This one picture was taken using a macro lens from CamRah. I figured ┬ásince Alexander Hamilton is suddenly in the public’s eye once again, why not take a macro picture of a ten dollar bill? It’s not great, blurry at the bottom, butContinue reading “Jan 20 Photo”

Jan 8 Photo, with Accompanying Soapbox

I took this one while once again playing around with the macro lens. It caused me some problems at first because I couldn’t get enough light at the bottom of the picture. My phone kept throwing an unwanted shadow across the penny. Then it occurred to me that this might make for an interesting black and whiteContinue reading “Jan 8 Photo, with Accompanying Soapbox”