Mar 8 Photo

   I love how this one turned out. This is simply a shot of some trees along a path where I work, with the sun partially obscured by one of them. What makes this one different is that I used my sunglasses as a filter. Literally, just holding up my sunglasses in front of theContinue reading “Mar 8 Photo”

Feb 20 Photo

   We have such great trees where we live. I’m not sure what I expected, but such tall pines were a surprise when we moved the New England nearly twenty years ago. The pines in this picture are right outside my front door. The day was stunning, warming nicely and sunny as all get-out. IContinue reading “Feb 20 Photo”

Coffee. Nuf Said

Okay, maybe not quite. But I couldn’t think of a better title for this post, so there it is. And let’s be honest, sometimes it is enough. Sometimes the only word that we can get out in the morning is “coffee”. But I digress. Shocking, I know. There was a article floating around Facebook recentlyContinue reading “Coffee. Nuf Said”