Book Review: “Made To Kill” by Adam Christopher

“Made To Kill” is a book by Adam Christopher that I really wanted to enjoy. Like, *really* wanted to enjoy. Alas, I couldn’t even finish it. There have been a lot of reviews for this book that praise it lavishly for marrying two genres into one good, old-fashioned, B-movie pulp fiction novel. Which is exactlyContinue reading “Book Review: “Made To Kill” by Adam Christopher”

Book Review: “Third Rail” by Rory Flynn

I was on a reading tear this past summer. I went through something like six books in four weeks, which, if you knew how slowly I read, you would understand what an unbelievable pace that is for me. And so, without further ado, here is the first of a couple of reviews that I’m going toContinue reading “Book Review: “Third Rail” by Rory Flynn”

Book Review: “Robert B Parker’s Lullaby”, by Ace Atkins

I picked this one up on remainder at Barnes & Noble last week. I discovered the character of Spenser about two years ago, around this time. Took a Spenser book on a road trip to Indiana in May. Since then, I’ve read about two-thirds of them. The Spenser series is an interesting and often timesContinue reading “Book Review: “Robert B Parker’s Lullaby”, by Ace Atkins”

Short Short Short (Did I Mention Short) Fiction: Twitter Style

A writing festival started this week in NYC. It’s called Twitter Fiction Festival and it’s got a gathering of writers presenting their stories in microburst style. And not shlub writers. We’re talking names like RL Stine and Alexander McCall Smith. I love this idea. I think the primary reason I love it is because IContinue reading “Short Short Short (Did I Mention Short) Fiction: Twitter Style”

Editing My Fiction (or, What I Should Be Doing Instead Of Watching TV)

I don’t like editing. Like, really don’t like it. Editing to me has always be one of those things I put off and put off and put off (and put off) until I finally run out of excuses. Then I scrounge around under the couch, certain there must be some old, partially eaten, mold-covered excusesContinue reading “Editing My Fiction (or, What I Should Be Doing Instead Of Watching TV)”

Review: “The Cold Dish” by Craig Johnson, and A&E’s “Longmire”

Today I’m feelin’ generous, so it’s a two-fer. Two reviews in one post. Lucky you! I recently read Craig Johnson’s debut mystery novel “The Cold Dish“, which introduced his character Walter Longmire to readers everywhere. After finishing the book, I powered through the first season of A&E’s original series “Longmire“, which is based on theContinue reading “Review: “The Cold Dish” by Craig Johnson, and A&E’s “Longmire””

First Draft Done!

I finished the first draft of a new book tonight. I’m both pleased and surprised by this. Typically it takes me forever to finish the first draft of a book. How It Ends took nearly a year, and my second book (currently unedited, in first draft status, and tentatively titled Dirt) took me three years. SoContinue reading “First Draft Done!”