Excel Geeking – How I Control Releases of Excel Templates

In my current position, I manage the care and feeding of a type of planning system. The whole thing has been built in Excel, and presents more than a few challenges. Since I didn’t do the original construction, I inherited the application, and without being able to make major back-end changes, I’ve only been ableContinue reading “Excel Geeking – How I Control Releases of Excel Templates”

Excel Geeking: Using VBA With Configuration Files

Nothing like a good old fashioned configuration file to make you feel like you’re programming in 1995. But you know what? Sometimes you just need to do it. And it still amazes me¬†how many off-the-shelf applications still rely on INI files to store their settings (I’m looking at you, LotusNotes!). Personally, I like INI files.Continue reading “Excel Geeking: Using VBA With Configuration Files”