The Problem with “Game of Thrones”

┬áThere’s a joke I read online somewhere that starts this post beautifully: “GRR Martin, JJ Abrams, and Joss Whedon walk into a bar, and everyone you’ve ever loved dies.” Yeah, that sounds about right. The Emmys were on a few weeks ago. “Game of Thrones” won big with a capital B. And I couldn’t helpContinue reading “The Problem with “Game of Thrones””

Thoughts On The New Star Wars Trailer

My wife suggested I start this post with the following disclaimer: If you don’t want anyone to harsh your Star Wars mellow, do not read on. Still there? Good. Yesterday, a number of people I know lost their minds. You see, at a Star Wars Celebration yesterday, JJ Abrams and company revealed a new teaserContinue reading “Thoughts On The New Star Wars Trailer”