Jan 28 Photo

   The day before was sunrise. Yesterday was midday clouds. Today is sunset. Tomorrow I’ll focus on something else other than pictures of the sky, I promise. But the sunset was too beautiful not to capture and share tonight.  Captured with Camera+, cropped in Snapseed, and given the HDR filter in Snapseed, which really makesContinue reading “Jan 28 Photo”

Jan 23 Photo

   A quick shot out my front door tonight. For a change, the snow storm is hitting everything south of us. My little slice of Massachusetts is going to get maybe an inch of snow. So far, this is the sum total of our snow. This includes leftover snow from a few weeks ago.  TakenContinue reading “Jan 23 Photo”

Jan 15 Photo

When I first started getting interested in the idea of iphoneography, that is, photography taken and edited solely with iPhone apps, the toy camera app Hipstamatic came up A LOT. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff, so I downloaded Hipstamatic and have bought some of its “lens” and “films”. I find Hipstamatic frustratingContinue reading “Jan 15 Photo”