Feb 21 Photo

   I still really struggle with night photography on the iPhone. Then again, in fairness, the iPhone doesn’t have the full range of capabilities that a SLR camera has (the iPhone has a fixed aperture, which can’t be changed no matter what app you use) and I’m always trying to take picture of the moonContinue reading “Feb 21 Photo”

Feb 7 Photo

   This was the night of the snow storm, after it had all ended. We have some amazingly tall trees in our condo complex, and as I was standing at the top of our driveway, the lights from the next sets of buildings over, framed by the trees heavy with snow, struck me as aContinue reading “Feb 7 Photo”

Jan 12 Photo

   Today’s photo was a tough choice. I had another picture I took this morning that I wanted to post, but, in honor of the first real snowfall in the Northeast tonight, I though this one would be a better fit. It’s kind of a blurry mess, as night photography with an iPhone is aContinue reading “Jan 12 Photo”

Jan 10 Photo

   I met up with a couple of writer friends last night so that we could go over our works in progress. It was a strange misty foggy night. The weather is changing, going from chilly and overcast yesterday to warm and rainy today. As the warm air came in, the fog came with it.Continue reading “Jan 10 Photo”