“How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available

Now available, How It Ends: Part 3 – the Transformation! Buy now, and find out what at least ten other people have discovered! Some have even liked it (thanks Mom!) In all seriousness, Part 3 of my serial novel How It Ends is now available for Kindle. Check it out via the link above. And ifContinue reading ““How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available”

Places To Send Your Sci-Fi Novel

  Did you know that you can actually get into a relationship with one of the big publishers, Penguin, without an agent? It’s true. I swear. Know how? DAW. That’s how. What’s DAW? They’re a book publisher. Started back in the 70s by Donald A. Wollheim (get it? D.A.W.? DAW?) and his wife Elsie, they wereContinue reading “Places To Send Your Sci-Fi Novel”

“The Dance”: Behind The Scenes

Readers love to ask questions of authors like “Where do you get your ideas?” I know, as a reader, I’ve wondered that myself in the past. There are reasons why ancient civilizations personified the deliverance of ideas for artist works, gave them names, called them gods. To this day, we still show a certain reverenceContinue reading ““The Dance”: Behind The Scenes”

Coming Next Week To Amazon…Me!

About two months ago I published part one, “The Evaluation”, of my serial novel How It Ends as an ebook for Kindle. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find it here. Next week, part two “The Plan”, will available for purchase, also an ebook, also on Amazon. If you haven’t purchased it yet,Continue reading “Coming Next Week To Amazon…Me!”

Call for Sci-Fi Submissions

This was brought to my attention by a friend of mine yesterday. If you’ve got a sci-fi or fantasy novel just hanging around waiting to be published (and who doesn’t?) then consider submitting it to Angry Robot Books. (Click the header below for details, or copy/paste the link below the header into your browser ifContinue reading “Call for Sci-Fi Submissions”