Book Review: “Made To Kill” by Adam Christopher

“Made To Kill” is a book by Adam Christopher that I really wanted to enjoy. Like, *really* wanted to enjoy. Alas, I couldn’t even finish it. There have been a lot of reviews for this book that praise it lavishly for marrying two genres into one good, old-fashioned, B-movie pulp fiction novel. Which is exactlyContinue reading “Book Review: “Made To Kill” by Adam Christopher”

“Change”: Behind The Scenes

“Change” was written a long time ago, by my writing standards. It’s been over a decade since I wrote it, and nearly that long since I thought about it. Which made posting it yesterday a nice kind of remembrance. So how do I post a behind the scenes on a piece of writing that goesContinue reading ““Change”: Behind The Scenes”

Short Short Short (Did I Mention Short) Fiction: Twitter Style

A writing festival started this week in NYC. It’s called Twitter Fiction Festival and it’s got a gathering of writers presenting their stories in microburst style. And not shlub writers. We’re talking names like RL Stine and Alexander McCall Smith. I love this idea. I think the primary reason I love it is because IContinue reading “Short Short Short (Did I Mention Short) Fiction: Twitter Style”

Editing My Fiction (or, What I Should Be Doing Instead Of Watching TV)

I don’t like editing. Like, really don’t like it. Editing to me has always be one of those things I put off and put off and put off (and put off) until I finally run out of excuses. Then I scrounge around under the couch, certain there must be some old, partially eaten, mold-covered excusesContinue reading “Editing My Fiction (or, What I Should Be Doing Instead Of Watching TV)”

“How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available

Now available, How It Ends: Part 3 – the Transformation! Buy now, and find out what at least ten other people have discovered! Some have even liked it (thanks Mom!) In all seriousness, Part 3 of my serial novel How It Ends is now available for Kindle. Check it out via the link above. And ifContinue reading ““How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available”

Places To Send Your Sci-Fi Novel

  Did you know that you can actually get into a relationship with one of the big publishers, Penguin, without an agent? It’s true. I swear. Know how? DAW. That’s how. What’s DAW? They’re a book publisher. Started back in the 70s by Donald A. Wollheim (get it? D.A.W.? DAW?) and his wife Elsie, they wereContinue reading “Places To Send Your Sci-Fi Novel”

Call for Sci-Fi Submissions

This was brought to my attention by a friend of mine yesterday. If you’ve got a sci-fi or fantasy novel just hanging around waiting to be published (and who doesn’t?) then consider submitting it to Angry Robot Books. (Click the header below for details, or copy/paste the link below the header into your browser ifContinue reading “Call for Sci-Fi Submissions”