Book Review: “Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland” by Ace Atkins

I needed something to cleanse the mental pallet after Lou Berney’s “The Long and Faraway Gone.” It was such an intense read, the way Berney knifes the reader in nearly every single scene, that I needed to visit some familiar friends. Queue up Spenser. Since Robert Parker’s sudden death in 2010, Ace Atkins has beenContinue reading “Book Review: “Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland” by Ace Atkins”

Book Review: “Robert B Parker’s Lullaby”, by Ace Atkins

I picked this one up on remainder at Barnes & Noble last week. I discovered the character of Spenser about two years ago, around this time. Took a Spenser book on a road trip to Indiana in May. Since then, I’ve read about two-thirds of them. The Spenser series is an interesting and often timesContinue reading “Book Review: “Robert B Parker’s Lullaby”, by Ace Atkins”

Formatting Dialogue

One of the blogs I follow is Read To Write Stories, by Michael Noll. It’s a blog dedicated to delivering ideas about how to write, and offering writing prompts and exercises to get the creative juices flowing. Today’s post was all about dialogue, and how to make dialogue in your fiction move faster. As anContinue reading “Formatting Dialogue”