Excel Geeking: Extracting Comments Using VBA

A couple of months ago a colleague moved into a new position at work and inherited a big ugly spreadsheet. Happens to the best of us, amiright? The biggest challenge with this spreadsheet is that the previous owner, who has since retired (and good for him!) didn’t update his status notes and comments in aContinue reading “Excel Geeking: Extracting Comments Using VBA”

Excel Geeking: Checking If A Workbook Is Present

I’m like a lot of Excel gurus, I suspect, in that I’ll see something that Excel does and think “I can do that better”. Or, better yet, I’ll see something Excel doesn’t do at all an think, “Oh yeah, I have to build that.” It doesn’t really matter if I need the utility or willContinue reading “Excel Geeking: Checking If A Workbook Is Present”