How Was Your Weekend?

I finally went to see the Higgins Armory this weekend. I’ve only lived in central Mass for fifteen years now. Figure I might as well go see the famous Higgins Armory.

You know. Before it closes.

Yes, that’s right, The Higgins Armory is closing down. At the end of this year, the doors close. Literally, December 31, 2013 is the last day the armory will be open.

The decision to close was a tough one, but a 2,000 piece collection spanning 4,000 years can only live in a building made of glass and steel for so long. The building it seems is the primary reason for the closure. The operating expense has become to great for the endowment.

Most of the pieces will end of at the Worcester Art Museum, which is a mixed blessing. Mixed in that it’s great that the Higgins collection will remain a) largely intact, and b) in the central Massachusetts area where it was originally collected. Mixed in that it sucks the armory has to close in the first place.

So I finally got off my rear and went to see the Higgins Armory with the fam and some visiting family. I highly recommend it. It’s a lot of fun to wander through the building and see the incredible assortment of weapons and gear.

But hurry. I’ve got about six more weeks.

Below are some pictures from the today’s visit. Enjoy.








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