Sum Assemblee Rekwired

My mom was up for a visit this past weekend. It was good to see her, and she always enjoys seeing the kids. We did an early Christmas gift exchange while she was here so that she could see the kids open their gifts. And of course, she may have brought an item or two up for the whole family.

One of the things she brought was a solar powered snowman globe. It’s an outdoor decoration, the kind you stick on a pole in your garden, let the sun power it up, and it glows different colors at night.

It’s a nice holiday decoration and the kids in particular love it. It changes color every two or three seconds or so.


Confession time: what I loved most about it were the instructions. Cause I laughed. Out loud.

As I started to read through them, I stated to notice an error or two. I thought, well, not terribly well proofread, but whatever. Except the errors didn’t stop. They kept coming. To the point where I had to get my red pen out and have some fun.

For a one page sheet of instructions, I counted ten errors. I may have missed some. Below is a picture. Have a look and see if there was anything else I missed.


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