Shout Out to Contextures

I have to give a quick shout out to Contextures. This is an Excel blog run by Debra Dalgleish. She’s an a Excel MVP (read more about MVPs here) and her site is one of three sites I regularly frequent if I’m looking for Excel info. (The other two are Chip Pearson’s Excel site and Dick Kusleika’s Daily Dose of Excel.)

On Monday I started to see the traffic on my blog really jump up. One of the things I like about WordPress is their site stats, which, in part, show you what the referring site was to your site. (I’m sure other blogging sites do this too, but honestly I’m too lazy to check.)

Checking the referring sites showed me that the site sending me the most tragic was Debra’s blog at Contextures. Seems she liked my post on creating a back door into your workbooks enough to add it to her weekly roundup post. Suddenly I have more than two readers!

So here’s a shout out to Debra! Thanks for the props!

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