Early, Early, Early, (Did I Mention Early?) Notice Of My First Interview


I have an old high school friend who runs a pretty popular podcast. The podcast is called “Words With Nerds”, and from what I remember about my friend, that sounds about right. I met this kid when we were doing set work for the high school drama club. (Yeah, I was that guy.) We started talking about Star Wars and that was it, he became one of my core friends throughout high school.

I, and many of my high school friends, have gone our separate ways. I’ve migrated north to Massachusetts, and my friend is fighting traffic in Northern Virginia. But one of the beautiful things about social media these days is that we all can still hang out, as it were, on things like Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

Well, this friend of mine, John, has a weekly podcast he does with a friend of his. It’s called “Words With Nerds”, and he and his podcast partner talk about all things geeky and nerdy.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce that sometime this Spring, I will be calling into the “Word With Nerds” podcast to discuss my sci-fi book, “How It Ends”.

Stay tuned to date and time.

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