Brand New Batman Comic (As Drawn By My Daughter)

My daughter decided to draw a few comic strip panels on Sunday. Since they’re featuring a brand new Batman advenure (and a little bit of a Superman cameo), I figured I had to share.

I’ll include some explanatory notes as well, in case the action is not immediately evident.

  • Panel 1: Someone is trying to steal a mermaid.
  • Panel 2: Here comes Batman!
  • Panel 3: Batman has knocked the villain out cold and saved the mermaid.

new doc 1_1

  • Panel 4: After saving the mermaid, Batman’s outa there.
  • Panel 5: Superman, droppin like bomb, on an unsuspecting villain.
  • Panel 6: That villain is history.

new doc 1_2

  • Panel 7: The Joker has pulled a Jurassic Park and has unleashed a dinosaur. The public is running scared.
  • Panel 8: The Joker at the dinosuar’s control panel. “Maniacal laugh!”
  • Panel 9: From out of nowhere, Batman zaps the dinosaur, saving the day.

new doc 1_3

  • Panel 10: The Joker is about to steal a bag of gold from the bank.
  • Panel 11: Here comes the Caped Crusader. “Not so fast!”
  • Panel 12: With a might BOOM!, the Joker is defeated, as is the bank.

new doc 1_4

I hope she keeps drawing these. I love them.

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