Mar 17 Photo


Everyone else is posting pictures of green beer today. Or shamrocks. Or Irish flags. Or leprechauns. You get the idea. 

Not me. Today my car hit 200,000 miles. 

I drive an ’06 Honda Civic. I’ve had it for ten years, bought it new. It’s been paid off for five. I had a job for three and a half years that had me driving 122 miles round trip every day. I put a lot of miles on my car, and not once did it complain. Truth be told, if it dropped dead tomorrow, I’d have no right to complain. It’s been solid for ten years. Sure, it has its issues. The A/C doesn’t work anymore, the front speakers don’t work either, the top of the center console broke off and just rests on the console. 

And I don’t care. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. 

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