Mar 25 Photo

My older daughter is having a sleepover tonight, and during dinner, her friend, referencing her can of seltzer and said “Did you know that if you turn the tab around, it’s meant to hold a straw?”

Wh-wh-what? It is?

I turned the tab around on mine, and damned enough, a straw fits perfectly the top hole in the tab. 

I can’t say that it was a “mind-blown” moment for me. After all, I’m not sure a straw would go all that far in a can of soda or seltzer. The opening in a can isn’t all that wide. But something about the idea of the tab holding a straw in place is kinda awesome and seems to validate the form of the tab with a function. 

My daughter loves the idea. And I quote: “My life has been hacked!”

Nuf said. 

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