Nov 6 Photo

Architecture shot from the University of Maryland, College Park. I had the opportunity to return to Maryland for a quick trip this weekend and walked around the campus, albeit briefly. I had forgotten how much brick is used in all of the architecture there.

Mar 6 Photo

   As promised, two for today.  The building where my daughter takes ballet is one of those old repurposed brick warehouse buildings that you find all over Worcester. It’s got some great brick work, and has all the issues you’d expect an old brick warehouse to have (leaks, drafts, etc). I snapped the entrance toContinue reading “Mar 6 Photo”

Feb 27 Photo

  One of the camera apps I really like is Provoke. Provoke was created in collaboration with Glyn Evans, one of the founders of iPhoneography. It was meant to evoke the black and white Japanese photographers of the 1960s. It takes incredibly interesting pictures, with lots of contrast, shadows, and grain.  Provoke recently got anContinue reading “Feb 27 Photo”

Feb 12 Photo

My town has, of all things, a dairy. Model Dairy operates out of Main Street. I’ve lived in my town for fifteen years, and I still know next to nothing about this dairy. Their website is a Facebook page. They have a truck that roams around town that looks like it dates back to whenContinue reading “Feb 12 Photo”

Feb 2 Photo

   Last fall I took a drawing class at the Worcester Art Museum. It was great, though tiring at times, given that it was three hours on Monday nights. One of the lessons was dedicated to perspective, which might have been my favorite.  Since then, I’ve been conscious of seeing perspectives when I take pictures. Continue reading “Feb 2 Photo”