Feb 12 Photo

My town has, of all things, a dairy. Model Dairy operates out of Main Street. I’ve lived in my town for fifteen years, and I still know next to nothing about this dairy. Their website is a Facebook page. They have a truck that roams around town that looks like it dates back to when Ike was president, and smells even older. They have a building that is down the street from me, yet I never see anyone coming or going. I’m sure this dairy is fully functional, but it must be a word of mouth kind of thing.

This morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, I noticed that the morning light was hitting this mystery building in a way that begged to be photographed. I pulled over, pulled out my phone, and started snapping. One of the results is above.

I played around with this one in Enlight. I’m still getting to know Enlight, to figure out all of its tips and tricks. One of the things it offers that some of the other photo-editing apps don’t is the use of curves. Using curves is essentially just picking a spot on a curve, overlaid on top of the photo, and dragging it this way or that to change the color within the part of the photo the curve falls. Think of curves as a way to alter the hue and saturation of a part of the photo only, and not the entire photo. Using the curves, I was able to enrich the warm color hitting the upper part of the picture, and cool down the lower part of the picture with the snow.

I think the result is okay. It’s not the best picture or post-processing I’ve ever done, but it’s still interesting enough (to me, at least) to post.

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