Apr 20 Photo

   In today’s edition of Wide Angle Wednesday, I present for you a piece of framed memorabilia from my wedding. Two pieces, actually.  At the reception, we had a wedding cake as well as a groom’s cake. Both were made by a close friend of my wife’s family. The wedding cake was beautiful, and hadContinue reading “Apr 20 Photo”

Mar 8 Photo

   I love how this one turned out. This is simply a shot of some trees along a path where I work, with the sun partially obscured by one of them. What makes this one different is that I used my sunglasses as a filter. Literally, just holding up my sunglasses in front of theContinue reading “Mar 8 Photo”

Feb 26 Photo

  Here I am, finding more uses for the fisheye lens than I thought. Tonight was the annual Sweetheart Dance at my daughter’s school. Actually, it used to be called the Daddy Daughter Dance, but the school changed it up this year so that moms and sons could attend. This year, it was held inContinue reading “Feb 26 Photo”