Apr 20 Photo

In today’s edition of Wide Angle Wednesday, I present for you a piece of framed memorabilia from my wedding. Two pieces, actually. 

At the reception, we had a wedding cake as well as a groom’s cake. Both were made by a close friend of my wife’s family. The wedding cake was beautiful, and had the requesite layers a wedding cake should have. 

The groom’s cake, however, was in the shape of a book. And to accentuate the book cake, the woman who made it hand painted the Irish Blessing and Celtic Knots on two pieces of rice paper and laid them on top, so that they were facing each other like a pair of pages. The cake was so stunning and surprising for the guests, one of my groomsmen kissed me on the cheek and said, “You’re a beautiful man.” I kid you not. 

I took the rice paper and framed it in two separate frames years ago. Tonight I snapped this picture. The only way to get both in the picture was to bust out the wide angle lens attachment for my phone. And thus, Wide Angle Wednesday concludes. 

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