Jan 24 Photo

   Today’s photo is brought to by snow, without which the kids would not have played outside for an hour and a half, come inside frozen, and begged for hot chocolate.  By the way, the candy cane is actually a “peppermint stir stick”, made specifically for hot chocolate. My older daughter thought it was interestingContinue reading “Jan 24 Photo”

Jan 23 Photo

   A quick shot out my front door tonight. For a change, the snow storm is hitting everything south of us. My little slice of Massachusetts is going to get maybe an inch of snow. So far, this is the sum total of our snow. This includes leftover snow from a few weeks ago.  TakenContinue reading “Jan 23 Photo”

Jan 21 Photo

   This is a shot of a quilt my mother made for my in-laws at the request of my mother-in-law. My mother is a very accomplished quilter, which is made more impressive when you learn that she’s legally blind. She lost a huge amount of vision twenty-some years ago. Yet, she loves quilting and refusedContinue reading “Jan 21 Photo”

Jan 12 Photo

   Today’s photo was a tough choice. I had another picture I took this morning that I wanted to post, but, in honor of the first real snowfall in the Northeast tonight, I though this one would be a better fit. It’s kind of a blurry mess, as night photography with an iPhone is aContinue reading “Jan 12 Photo”

Jan 10 Photo

   I met up with a couple of writer friends last night so that we could go over our works in progress. It was a strange misty foggy night. The weather is changing, going from chilly and overcast yesterday to warm and rainy today. As the warm air came in, the fog came with it.Continue reading “Jan 10 Photo”

Jan 8 Photo, with Accompanying Soapbox

I took this one while once again playing around with the macro lens. It caused me some problems at first because I couldn’t get enough light at the bottom of the picture. My phone kept throwing an unwanted shadow across the penny. Then it occurred to me that this might make for an interesting black and whiteContinue reading “Jan 8 Photo, with Accompanying Soapbox”