Jan 21 Photo

This is a shot of a quilt my mother made for my in-laws at the request of my mother-in-law. My mother is a very accomplished quilter, which is made more impressive when you learn that she’s legally blind. She lost a huge amount of vision twenty-some years ago. Yet, she loves quilting and refused to give it up. She opened her own business quilting the backings onto quilt tops with a sewing machine called a long-arm. She has more swatches of cloth than a Joanne’s Fabric, so much cloth that she actually said, “I don’t need any more gift cards to Joanne’s, there’s nothing more I need to buy there.”

This particular quilt is called (I think) a wedding ring quilt and covers the king sized bed in the bedroom where my wife and I sleep whenever we visit my in-laws. The patterns you see in-between the rings is a stitched pattern that repeats over and over. It always boggles my mind how much work must go into making one of these things. 

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