“How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available

Now available, How It Ends: Part 3 – the Transformation! Buy now, and find out what at least ten other people have discovered! Some have even liked it (thanks Mom!) In all seriousness, Part 3 of my serial novel How It Ends is now available for Kindle. Check it out via the link above. And ifContinue reading ““How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available”

Blame Hugh Howey

I’ve got two parts of my novel How It Ends up and published on Amazon, here and here. Part three will be coming out in the early part of January. You might be wondering why I’m serializing it rather than just releasing it in a single volume. Well, even if you’re not wondering, I’m gonnaContinue reading “Blame Hugh Howey”

Versioning Your Ebooks

While reading a Robert B Parker ebook last year, I noticed this in the front matter: “V3.0_r2”. To my systems eye, this means version 3, release 2. It struck me as a little odd to have a version/release number at first. But then I thought of it like a printing history rather than something moreContinue reading “Versioning Your Ebooks”

Free E-Book Until Monday

Just a quick reminder that Part One of my serial novel “How It Ends” is free on Amazon through tomorrow. In the nutshelliest of nutshells, it’s a science fiction story about what happens when a robot falls in love with a human girl. Try it out, you might like it. And if not, the worstContinue reading “Free E-Book Until Monday”

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Release

Tomorrow marks the release date of Part Two of my serial novel, “How It Ends”. Subtitled The Plan, it follows the continuing story of Sidney, the university professor who remains shaken after his encounter with Eric; Brian, Sidney’s colleague who is planning to exploit his work relationship with Sidney and personal relationship with Anita to advanceContinue reading “Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Release”