Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Release

Tomorrow marks the release date of Part Two of my serial novel, “How It Ends”. Subtitled The Plan, it follows the continuing story of Sidney, the university professor who remains shaken after his encounter with Eric; Brian, Sidney’s colleague who is planning to exploit his work relationship with Sidney and personal relationship with Anita to advance his career; Eric, the ruthlessly ambitious corporate executive who is making “arrangements” to deal with a blackmailer; Anita, the brilliant beautiful college student who is trying not to be swept away by the whirlwind around here; and Gammons, Eric’s personal robotic assistant who appears to be falling in love.

You can jump into “How It Ends” risk-free starting tomorrow. I’m dropping the price of Part One, The Evaluation. If you log onto Amazon tomorrow, you’ll find the price of Part One a very reasonable $0.00. But hurry! Amazon sets a limit on the length of time I can drop the price of the book. It will only be free from tomorrow through Veterans Day.

As promised in the title of this post, here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Part Two.


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