Apr 26 Photo

Yeah, I missed yesterday. And I don’t have a picture to make up for it. Sorry about that. Sometimes sleep takes precedence.  Today the trees were in full bloom, at least some of them. It was also a rainy day, and chilly in the Northeast. Like, 40 degrees, early March chilly. Yet the blossoms hungContinue reading “Apr 26 Photo”

Apr 24 Photo

Meet our cat. He’s an old guy now, we’ve had him since before the girls were born, probably going on fifteen years. He doesn’t have a name. In fact, I can’t even guarantee he’s a he. He’s pretty low maintenance, just sleeps all day. Don’t even have to feed him. Don’t have to clean aContinue reading “Apr 24 Photo”

Apr 23 Photo

I know I should post some kind of picture referencing Shakespeare. 400th birthday today, after all. But I’m not a terribly big Shakespeare fan. And before you vilify me and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, let me add that I was an English Lit major concentrating on British and American lit.Continue reading “Apr 23 Photo”