Apr 24 Photo

Meet our cat. He’s an old guy now, we’ve had him since before the girls were born, probably going on fifteen years. He doesn’t have a name. In fact, I can’t even guarantee he’s a he. He’s pretty low maintenance, just sleeps all day. Don’t even have to feed him. Don’t have to clean a litterbox. Don’t even have to bring him in at night. Or in the winter. He just hangs out in the garden, sleeping. You can see he’s got a ragged left ear. He got that when the bobcat plowed out sidewalk one winter and he was too close to the sidewalk. Doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s like a lot of cats. You try and say things to him, he just ignores you. And when I rake out the garden and plant some new plants, and lay down some fresh mulch, he’ll do what he always does: lay there without a care in the world. 

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