Apr 20 Photo

   In today’s edition of Wide Angle Wednesday, I present for you a piece of framed memorabilia from my wedding. Two pieces, actually.  At the reception, we had a wedding cake as well as a groom’s cake. Both were made by a close friend of my wife’s family. The wedding cake was beautiful, and hadContinue reading “Apr 20 Photo”

Apr 13 Photo

   If Mondays are going to be “Macro Monday”, then let’s make Wednesdays “Wide Angle Wednesdays”. This one was taken using the wide angle lens on the Ztylus Revolver iPhone attachment. It was taken at the Elementary School band concert tonight. As you can see, it was a pretty good turn out. Hence the needContinue reading “Apr 13 Photo”

Feb 25 Photo

   This beast is sitting idle for now, and that’s okay by me. It’s a front-end loader with a plow attachment hooked onto the bucket. It’s probably seen some use this winter, but so far, knock on wood, we’ve had, what is for New England, a minor amount of snow. So for now, this beastContinue reading “Feb 25 Photo”