Apr 24 Photo

Meet our cat. He’s an old guy now, we’ve had him since before the girls were born, probably going on fifteen years. He doesn’t have a name. In fact, I can’t even guarantee he’s a he. He’s pretty low maintenance, just sleeps all day. Don’t even have to feed him. Don’t have to clean aContinue reading “Apr 24 Photo”

Feb 25 Photo

   This beast is sitting idle for now, and that’s okay by me. It’s a front-end loader with a plow attachment hooked onto the bucket. It’s probably seen some use this winter, but so far, knock on wood, we’ve had, what is for New England, a minor amount of snow. So for now, this beastContinue reading “Feb 25 Photo”

Feb 9 Photo

    The last few days have been a lot of big landscape and sky shots of the snowstorm. Today lets bring it down to a smaller scale This is a view of snow trapped between the needles of a pine tree. I took this shot using the macro lens from Ztylus then cropped it toContinue reading “Feb 9 Photo”

Feb 7 Photo

   This was the night of the snow storm, after it had all ended. We have some amazingly tall trees in our condo complex, and as I was standing at the top of our driveway, the lights from the next sets of buildings over, framed by the trees heavy with snow, struck me as aContinue reading “Feb 7 Photo”

Feb 6 Photo

   What do you get when there’s a snow storm? A bunch of picture of snow. I’ll have a couple over the next few days, but I won’t drag it out too long, I promise.  I snapped this one just as the sun finally decided to show itself after the storm. It was late inContinue reading “Feb 6 Photo”

Feb 5 Photo

   Today’s picture is the view outside my front door this morning. I guess it was inevitable that we’d get some measurable snow, this is New England after all. But I liked it so much better when it was in the 50s… Taken with ProCam3 and cropped and saturation selectively increased around the lamp lightsContinue reading “Feb 5 Photo”