Let’s See What You Got, Dr Maffetone

I started running this past April.

I turned 40 in February and didn’t give it much thought. I was overweight and didn’t give it much thought. I was sedintary and didn’t give much thought. 

Then, one weekend afternoon in March, while putting away a sweater, I pulled a muscle in my back. Literally, just reaching up into the closet, and yank!

Ok, I thought, time to do something about this. 

I started off going through my sister-in-law’s copy of P90X. I got three weeks into the program, which is really effin hard by the way, and got bored with it. I can only work out in my living room for so long before I lose interest. Even though it was a different video each day, once that third week came around and I started the video cycle over AGAIN, I said The hell with this

That’s when I took off running. 

Fast forward to early September. I’ve dropped 30 pounds and can run 6 miles as a regular run. On my long run, I’ve gotten up to 12 miles. I’m starting to think maybe I WOULD like to run a half marathon. 

And suddenly, out of nowhere, or so it seemed to me, my plantar starts hurting. Oh shit, I think. I know someone who developed plantar facisitis and it basically stopped them running completely. I don’t want to stop running. I like running. I know I’m crazy, but I enjoy it. 

I make an appointment with my chiropractor. He’s one of these guys who’s very good and all about applied kinesiology, which has a lot to do with magic, hocuspocus, and magnets. Okay, mainly just magnets, but if I explained to process with magnets to you it would sound like magic. 

I’m sitting in his waiting area and I pick up one of the books on the waiting area table. The book is “Training For Endurance” by Dr Phil Maffetone. 

I start reading it, and it feels like someone unlocked a secret chamber and said, All the answers you seek are in this room. You just need to go get them. 

I bought the book from my chiropractor and have since started the Maffetone Method for training. I won’t go into the training itself in this post, for that you need to go get the book or check out his site. But so far I love the method and I can feel it working. 

Let’s see if it improves my time. Let’s see if it keeps me running without injury. Let’s see what you got Dr Maffetone.

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