My Lunchtime Walk Into Mid-World

My job moved offices about two months ago. Like at the old office, I try to go out walking every day at lunch.

We moved to a technology/office park that’s seen better days. Our buildings are beautiful, but a couple of buildings around here are empty and dilapidated:


I think that someone is moving in eventually, because one of the buildings appears to be under renovation. But the fix-up must be going slowly, because more often than not, the heavy equipment outside the buildings is quiet.

Yesterday while walking, I noticed this sign on one of the walkways to the building:


Something about this sign struck me as the kind of leftover stuff that Roland, et al, would find in Mid-World, a sign of the Old Ones from a time before the world had moved on. Especially when attached to an abandoned crumbling building.

Between this sign, half demo’d/reno’d buildings, and silent heavy machinery, I felt a little like I’d stepped into a section of Stephen King’s Dark Tower Mid-World. All it needs is some really strange creatures scurrying around and doing things like chomping off fingers to be complete.

(Kinda glad I didn’t see any of those…)

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