Time For A Little Social Media Break

It’s been a while since I last posted something. The truth is, I haven’t had much to say. I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures that I want to post, I haven’t had a lot of random observations or thoughts to bore you with, and I haven’t had a lot of unique Excel stuffContinue reading “Time For A Little Social Media Break”

Mar 4 Photo

   Hipstamatic released a free film recently called Arjan BW. It’s in honor of a member of the Hipstamatic community, Arjan van der Horst, who recently suffered a fatal stroke. He was know for his black and white street photography.  I am not know for my street photography. I don’t work in a city, andContinue reading “Mar 4 Photo”

Feb 14 Photo

   My wife and sister-in-law have had this funny Valentine’s Day tradition for years, and that is to give Valentine’s Day the middle finger and go out for sushi. And even though my wife and I have been married for close to twenty years, it’s a tradition that persists. So today we went out toContinue reading “Feb 14 Photo”

Feb 13 Photo

   I love Scooby-Doo. I remember watching it when I was a kid, usually before school, waiting the time when I would leave to walk to school. Five or six years ago, I rediscovered Scooby-Doo when my younger daughter began to watch the shows.  A month ago, I’m walking through Target, and lo and behold,Continue reading “Feb 13 Photo”

Feb 12 Photo

My town has, of all things, a dairy. Model Dairy operates out of Main Street. I’ve lived in my town for fifteen years, and I still know next to nothing about this dairy. Their website is a Facebook page. They have a truck that roams around town that looks like it dates back to whenContinue reading “Feb 12 Photo”

Feb 4 Photo

   One of the lens that comes in the Ztylus lens kit is a fish eye lens. Fish eye lens are a little on the weird end of photography, I find. It gives you an really interesting picture in certain situations, but its application is so limited. How many landscapes of selfies can you reallyContinue reading “Feb 4 Photo”