How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was good. Busy as always.

Saturday, in addition to the usual ballet lessons for the girls and running around doing errands, my older daughter had a Girl Scout “field trip” to a local glacier-caused crack in the earth called Purgatory Chasm.


There was climbing and hiking and learning about trail maps and blazes. All the girls had a good time, but I in particular enjoyed myself because I got to go hiking (something I love) with my daughter (something I love). We’d never been hiking together before. Might be the start of a new activity we can do together.


Sunday we got the pumpkins. We’re probably a little late, but I like getting them later so they’re not all droopy and caving in on themselves by the time Halloween rolls around.

We’ve even got one of them carved.


Designs courtesy of my younger daughter, implementation courtesy of me.


Arrrg, matey!

Like most weekends, it flew by, always over too quick. And sometimes I don’t always enjoy them because I don’t feel like I really get to relax. But this was a good one.

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