How Was Your Weekend?

My weekend was busy. In fairness, with two kids and the associated kid activities, my weekends are always busy. But when you throw the holidays into the mix, things get downright crazy.

But, despite having little to no time to sit down and just take a deep breath, the weekend was pretty good. We got the tree up this weekend and started putting up some decorations. My younger daughter was so desperate to get the tree decorated that she started plowing into the box of decorations before I could finish separating them out. And separated they needed to be. One pile for one girl, one pile for the other, then the collective pile that was fair game for both, and lastly, the heavy and fragile stuff that only the mommy and daddy were allowed to touch. That mostly worked…

Still, no ornaments were hurt in the making of this tree.


Bonus for me, I got in a really good run on Sunday, which was sorely needed. I was a very grumpy man on Sunday, mainly because there was so much going on and I had control of maybe ten percent of it. When I feel like things are a little out of my reach, i.e. kids yelling at each other, daughter number two digging through fragile ornaments, watching the clock to see if I’d actually have time for a run before starting dinner–it was just a little bit of everything closing in.

So I put on my (new) running shoes and out the door I went. As I was leaving, the girls decided to put in Shrek The Halls. I think perhaps in was in my honor…

And then I ran. Five miles, nice easy pace, and just absorbing the stark beauty of the waning day. The storm that was beating the crap out of the mid-Atlantic was headed our way, and the sky was clouding over nicely. I actually stopped and took some pictures of the sky that didn’t turn out sucky.



So passes another weekend in a blur of motion as we rocket toward Christmas. I’m actually looking forward to Christmas this year, because it means a ten day vacation for me. I’m hoping that will translate to some rest.

Hope springs eternal.

One thought on “How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Lovely tree. You have to love the enthusiasm of the little children. I think that is part of what Christ means when He says we need to become as little children. . . not the childishness, but the childlike qualities of enthusiasm. Now, if we could also have some of that energy. . .

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