Dec 24 Photo

If you’ve never seen a Christmas pyramid before, or sometimes called a Christmas carousel, then here is your first glance. They’re very cool. It’s essentially a scene, usually nativity, that’s set on a rotating platform. There is a rod that goes up through the pyramid and connects to vanes that sit above the scene. SmallContinue reading “Dec 24 Photo”

Mar 9 Photo

   In honor of the warmest March 9 in Boston’s history, I bring you a picture of a Christmas light.  Well, sort of.  Today was in fact historic for Boston weather, as the temperature hit 75 degrees today. Which is fine by me. We’ve been fairly fortunate this winter, having not had a lot ofContinue reading “Mar 9 Photo”

The Scary Effin Capitalism On The Shelf

I was having a discussion with a coworker today about the Elf On The Shelf. I hate that thing. Seriously. Hate. It. And let me tell you why. First, let’s start with some history. The Elf On The Shelf is based on a book that was written by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell, a motherContinue reading “The Scary Effin Capitalism On The Shelf”

How Was Your Weekend?

My weekend was busy. In fairness, with two kids and the associated kid activities, my weekends are always busy. But when you throw the holidays into the mix, things get downright crazy. But, despite having little to no time to sit down and just take a deep breath, the weekend was pretty good. We gotContinue reading “How Was Your Weekend?”