Biting The Platform That Hosts Me

I don’t really need to find things to gripe about. There’s plenty out there. There are plenty of people already out there griping. There are more talented writers who are doubtlessly more famous than myself who are griping professionally. You could probably go and find one of them and have a more satisfying read. Plus, I try not to gripe on this blog, because, after all, who wants to read a blog that’s nothing more than a guy complaining about everything?

But I’m annoyed enough to complain this time. So this is a fair warning. I’m gonna gripe for a moment. If you don’t feel like reading a gripe, or want a better class of gripe, now’s the time to navigate away from this post.

Still there? Okay, let me add another log to this fire. I’m gonna gripe about WordPress. Again, here’s your chance to close down your browser.

Still there? Okay, then.

I hate the WordPress mobile app. I used to love it and now I hate it. And I can tell you why in a single reason, though there were initially more than one reason to hate it. For example, since they’ve updated the app for iOS 7, the controls have been glitchy and changeable. They changed the layout of the text controls so that you don’t get as full a spectrum of controls as you used to. In release 4.0, if you had a fairly long post, when you scrolled through it, the Options button that had been anchored at the bottom of the post would get lost into the middle of the post. If you could find it, you could still tap and enter the options, but you had to find it, blended in with and overlaid by the rest of the post. Also in 4.0, you couldn’t scroll to the end of the line in a post.

But these were minor annoyances next to my big gripe. And they also apear to be fixed in the last release. At least, so far.

Never mind, also, the fact that when you save a draft of a post you’re working on, the mobile app drops you back to the list of posts. Imagine is Microsoft Word did that. Imagine if, every time you saved a Word document, the document closed down and Word made you re-open that document to continue to work on it. How long do you think a product like that would last on the market? Three months? Maybe?

But even this is not my biggest gripe. This transcends minor annoyance to become a major annoyance, but still not my primary reason for hating the current version of the WordPress iOS app.

No, my big gripe, the primary reason I dislike the WordPress mobile app is all about syncing, or specifically, is the lag time between syncs. If I make a change on my laptop, when I go into the mobile app later, that change may or may not be synced. And, if I start making edits in the mobile app, the laptop version is lost and I have to restore it from a previous version. I has this happen two days ago and I bugged the crap out of me, and ultimately led me to write up this ridiculous grievance. But let’s be clear here: if you’re gonna offer a service on multiple platforms, you know, like everybody does these days, you better make damn sure your data syncs properly and timely across those platforms. WordPress appears not to have figured this one out yet..

So what am I going to do about this? Absolutely nothing! I’ve made my bed, I gotta lie in it. I chose WordPress a long time ago, and even though it took me sometime to get started blogging regularly, I was stuck with my choice. Maybe there are options for migrating to a different blogging platform, but that’s so much more work than I want to put in. Never mind that the majorit of this post was written in the mobile app, which is where I do a lot of the writing. This post is all about griping. I’m not really looking for solutions. I just want to bitch and moan a bit and feel a little sanctimonious. I think I’ve accomplished that.

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