Excel Geeking: Extracting Comments Using VBA

A couple of months ago a colleague moved into a new position at work and inherited a big ugly spreadsheet. Happens to the best of us, amiright? The biggest challenge with this spreadsheet is that the previous owner, who has since retired (and good for him!) didn’t update his status notes and comments in aContinue reading “Excel Geeking: Extracting Comments Using VBA”

Excel Geeking: “That Command Cannot Be Used On Multiple Selections” Error On A Single Cell

UPDATE (18-FEB-2015): Remember this? Yeah, unfortunately I do too. I wish I could say that my update from September was the end of the conversation. Sadly, it wasn’t. I started getting this error again and there was no random PowerPivot data connection in my workbook. When I saw it pop up again, I was absolutelyContinue reading “Excel Geeking: “That Command Cannot Be Used On Multiple Selections” Error On A Single Cell”

Excel Geeking: Unwinding a Crosstabbed Dataset

Sometimes you have to work with a data set that is not in a state conducive┬áto, well, anything. I’m thinking specifically about crosstabbed data sets. More than once I’ve had to deal with a data set that looks like this: Oh, if only there were a way to unwind this file so that it wasContinue reading “Excel Geeking: Unwinding a Crosstabbed Dataset”

Biting The Platform That Hosts Me

I don’t really need to find things to gripe about. There’s plenty out there. There are plenty of people already out there griping. There are more talented writers who are doubtlessly more famous than myself who are griping professionally. You could probably go and find one of them and have a more satisfying read. Plus,Continue reading “Biting The Platform That Hosts Me”