Feb 4 Photo

One of the lens that comes in the Ztylus lens kit is a fish eye lens. Fish eye lens are a little on the weird end of photography, I find. It gives you an really interesting picture in certain situations, but its application is so limited. How many landscapes of selfies can you really see in a fish eye view before you go “Okay, enough already, I get it, the world is bendy.”

That said, I had to try the fish eye at least once. I knew the picture I wanted to capture, it was more a question about whether the fish eye lens would make it look cool or just kind of goofy. I walked along a path at work today until I came to a group of trees, pointed the camera straight up, and snapped. 

I gave the picture some post-processing in Snapseed to make it more moody. I think it turned out, for the most part okay. I don’t know how often I’ll use the fish eye lens, but once in a while, it’s fun. 

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