Feb 14 Photo

My wife and sister-in-law have had this funny Valentine’s Day tradition for years, and that is to give Valentine’s Day the middle finger and go out for sushi. And even though my wife and I have been married for close to twenty years, it’s a tradition that persists. So today we went out to get some sushi with the kids and an old friend of ours. 

The picture above is part of an order of crab rangoon (yes, I know, it’s not a sushi, but it’s an appetizer), which itself is seems to be something of a anomaly up here in New England. At least, as far as we’ve seen. Up here, you ask for crab rangoon, the restaurant knows what you mean. Anywhere else, they seem to be called crab dumplings. (Well, at least in Maryland anyway.) Not sure why that is. 

These crab rangoon are a little different than what you usually see. Most times, it’s crab and a cream cheese filling in some dough, pinched together and fried.  The crab rangoon we had today was crab and cream cheese, along with some additional herbs, wrapped in a thin dough and deep fried. Looked different than usual, but still very tasty. 

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