Mar 9 Photo

In honor of the warmest March 9 in Boston’s history, I bring you a picture of a Christmas light. 

Well, sort of. 

Today was in fact historic for Boston weather, as the temperature hit 75 degrees today. Which is fine by me. We’ve been fairly fortunate this winter, having not had a lot of snow. Then again, given last winter and the winter before that, we were kind of owed a milder winter. And with today’s temps, we’re starting to feel like maybe spring really is right around the corner. 

One of the ways we decided to survive this winter was to embrace a Norwegian concept called koselig. It loosely translates as “cozy”. It basically involves making your home as warm and friendly as possible. This can cover a lot of ground. From extra blankets to candles, from warm slippers to wine, from friends over for dinner to fireplaces. One of the many ideas is to have as much warm light as possible. Makes sense if you think about it. Norway is pretty far to the north, and the days get super-short up there. So more light is a great way to ward off the long dark nights. 

This year, in an attempt to survive another long New England winter, I strung white Christmas lights around the ceiling of the downstairs. I also hung a string of the “icicle” lights in the front window. The effect has been noticeable for us this year, making the downstairs feel a little more magical than in years past. 

So today, in honor of the coming end of winter (and hopefully we’ll avoid any late season snowstorms that we’re prone to), and in anticipation of the coming spring, I’m offering up a close-up shot of one of the lights. 

Taken with the Ztylus macro lens, cropped in Snapseed. 

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