Special Offer for “How It Ends”

I’m off for a little bit of R&R with the fam, so you won’t see any new posts for a bit. But, in the meantime, to help you fill your summer reading gaps, I’ve got How It Ends on special this week. You can pick it up for $1.99 this week, which is 50% offContinue reading “Special Offer for “How It Ends””

“How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available

Now available, How It Ends: Part 3 – the Transformation! Buy now, and find out what at least ten other people have discovered! Some have even liked it (thanks Mom!) In all seriousness, Part 3 of my serial novel How It Ends is now available for Kindle. Check it out via the link above. And ifContinue reading ““How It Ends: Part 3 – The Transformation” Is Now Available”

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Release

Tomorrow marks the release date of Part Two of my serial novel, “How It Ends”. Subtitled The Plan, it follows the continuing story of Sidney, the university professor who remains shaken after his encounter with Eric; Brian, Sidney’s colleague who is planning to exploit his work relationship with Sidney and personal relationship with Anita to advanceContinue reading “Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Release”

Coming Next Week To Amazon…Me!

About two months ago I published part one, “The Evaluation”, of my serial novel How It Ends as an ebook for Kindle. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find it here. Next week, part two “The Plan”, will available for purchase, also an ebook, also on Amazon. If you haven’t purchased it yet,Continue reading “Coming Next Week To Amazon…Me!”

Why Can’t I Set The Price To $0.00?

I really wanted to set the price of my short story to nothing. I want to give it away. It’s sold a few, but not a ton. And to be honest, $0.99 for 14 pages, while not a ripoff, does seem to be kind of silly. So I went onto Kindle Direct Publishing and attempted toContinue reading “Why Can’t I Set The Price To $0.00?”